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Airfield Driver Training Days in your own car, or in ours!
The structure of the course is adaptable to your specific needs, covering anything from the fundamentals to high performance racing techniques. Our aim is to coach the most out of you and your car and to increase your confidence.

About the course:
The exercises we use lend themselves to many different techniques. For example, on the high speed bend, you will be learning some of the following topics:

Smooth acceleration, cornering, balancing the car on the throttle, trailing throttle, trailing brake, left foot braking, what it feels like to experience understeer, oversteer and how to feel them and correct them, gear changing, heel and toe, skid control, spin avoidance and even how to control the rotation of your car and get it back inline from 90 degrees....
....to name but a few, along with some of the more entertaining, rather than educational manoeuvres.

We also have steering and circle exercises to demonstrate why the techniques you used on the bend worked, and we use a circuit around soft cones in the afternoon to put your new techniques into practise and learn even more. For further details on the course click here.

Hiring our car:
If you're interested in using one of vehicles, call us on 01332 411223 for details and to book.

How To Book:
Please click onto the relevant month. The dates will show whether it's designated as a 2 or 4 Person Day and how many spaces are remaining. If it shows 'Not Yet Determined' as the first person to book it's your choice on attendee numbers. To book a space simply click onto the "Book" button, if you wish to book for more than one driver enter their name in the 'Driver 1' field. (As you are logged in as you, when you select a date you will automatically be reserving 1 space... the free text boxes are for further people you are booking for). We teach in any performance car. As the price is per person, not per car, if 2 people want to share one car on the day they will need to book for 2 spaces. If you need more information on how to book a space please click here or call our office on 01332 411223.

N.B. Events must be paid in full 28 days before the event to guarantee your place. If the event is less than 28 days away, it must be fully paid for immediately to secure your booking.


There are currently no scheduled events available for this month.

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