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The Activity Days are large group days with;

High speed bend.
2 different circuits running at the same time (on different areas, so don't worry!).

For Clubs wishing to book an Activity Day please phone 01332 411223

We now have a noise restriction. All vehicles operating at the Site must pass a static noise test of 105dBA before they are allowed to participate on Activity Days. The static test will be measured at 0.5m from the exhaust at 45 degree angle from the exhaust with the vehicle at 3/4 maximum engine revs. Should the car be unable to rev at 3/4 maximum revs, the vehicle will be subject to an additional drive by test (92dBA limits measured at 50m) driven by a CarLimits instructor before being permitted to be used on site.

No vehicle measured or suspected of exceeding the noise limits will be permitted to operate unless rectified and retested to be shown to be within the noise limits. No refund will be granted to any vehicles failing the noise limit.
There must also be no starting of engines or driving activity before 09:00 or after 16.00.

How To Book:
Please click onto the relevant month. Dates will appear showing the venues booked. Next to Total Attendees for each day it will show the amount of spaces on the day and the amount of spaces remaining will be shown next to it. To find out more about the venue and the activities used on the day, click on "Venue Info" and to view the people attending on the day, click on "View Attendees". To book a space simply click onto the "Book" button and follow the instructions. If you need more information on how to book a space please click here. To check on whether spectators are allowed onto the venue please click onto the "venue info" button. Please note that if a space is booked within 28 days of the event, the space must be paid for to secure the booking.

If the day has been booked by a club you will need to contact the club itself to find out the amount of spaces remaining. Carlimits will not show this.


There are currently no scheduled events available for this month.

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